About us
Hengpeng Chemicals is a professional supplier of hazardous chemicals and chemical raw materials, and we have established good cooperative relationship with domestic major chemical manufacturers. At present, we mainly supply specialty chemicals such as methanol, sodium metal and glacial acetic acid.
We have 30 special vehicles for hazardous chemicals, which are equipped with active safety monitoring systems, GPS positioning and video monitoring systems to ensure the safe delivery of goods.
We have professional logistic team and sales team. Our current trade volume is 30,000 tons per month in domestic market. We are exploring foreign markets after several years’ successful operation in the domestic market. In order to shorten the lead time for foreign markets, we have established cooperative relations with various coastal warehouses to ensure that the goods are stored in advance and shipped out at any time according to the shipping schedule.
Professionalism, trustworthiness, win-win, focusing on long-term cooperation are the company's operating principles. We hope to form cooperative relationships with more foreign importers and customers, build a global supply chain network, and serve more customers.